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Why Advertise your Holiday Accommodation with Us?

At U-Stay we work with owners and managers of holiday accommodation looking for an affordable and practical ways to increase bookings to their venue.

Understandably, a lot of owners of holiday venues are not familiar with all the options available to advertise their venues and the costs involved, and as a result they can easily end up spending way more on marketing than they really should.


There are a number of online (and offline) holiday directories out there, but they certainly don’t offer the same return on investment. A few websites charge a flat rate regardless of the number of booking you make. And there are even some directories that don’t charge anything and allow you to list for free, although these are seldom of any value. Most websites allow you to list at no cost but charge commissions for any bookings made through them, with commissions generally ranging from 15%-18% of the value of the bookings. This sounds like an attractive offer, but those commissions can make quite a difference to your bottom line. Consider the following: If you take bookings for R30000 over a single holiday period, your commissions at 15% would amount to R4500. Now if you made those same booking through a listing with us, it would have only cost you in the region of R175 for that month's listing or R1750 for the entire year!


At U-Stay we have chosen to charge a flat monthly fee regardless of how many inquiries you receive. This is invariably the most cost effective way to advertise provided you are getting those all important enquiries, and our website really does generate those enquiries! Which is why we offer all new listings an opportunity to test the website risk free for three months. If you are not happy with the results you get in those first three months, we will refund you your subscriptions in full. Yip, you heard correctly, if we cant generate inquiries for you, we don't expect you to pay for anything. Even after the three months are up, we don’t bind you to us in any way. You can cancel your listing at any stage without incurring any penalties.

Take a look at the short video below to see a bit more about our offer.

So What are the Costs?

We offer an affordable way to get your holiday accommodation advertised over the internet, and our package includes:
  • Receive your own webpage
  • Up to 500 words to describe your venue
  • Select Facilities
  • Update the content of your webpage yourself
  • Contact Form
  • Always appear at the top of the search results
  • 12 photos plus a logo
  • Google map showing your location.
  • Only costs R175 per month
*A once-off admin fee of R150 applies to all new listings.

We also offer flexible payment options:
1) Monthly by debit order (Get 15% discount @ R150pm)
2) 3-monthly by EFT
2) 6-monthly by EFT (only pay for 5.5 months)
3) Annually by EFT (only pay for 10 months)

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Of course, if you still have any concerns or questions or need some advice, simply complete the Enquiry form below and we will contact you to discuss the matter further.


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